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IRA Transfer from Scottrade to Vanguard: The Horrible Experience Continues

The first thing I did when I came to work this morning was giving Vanguard a call, again. When I filled out the IRA asset transfer form to move all Vanguard funds in my IRA account from Scottrade to Vanguard, I provided a blank check and instructed Vanguard to automatically invest $200 into each of […]

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IGoBanking Account Setup Completed

I opened an IGoBanking Savings account last Sunday for their 5.30% APY, which is better than what I am getting from HSBC and EmigrantDirect, two of my primary savings account. Last Monday, January 9th, two trial deposits were made to my Bank of America checking account to verify my ownership of the account that I […]

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Invest Like Bill Miller

Bill Miller is the manager of Legg Mason Value Trust Fund (LMVTX), which has outperformed S&P 500 for 15 consecutive years from 1991 to 2005. His winning strike recently got snapped as LMVTX lagged S&P 500 in 2006. However, Mr. Miller is still "widely regarded as one of the brightest minds on Wall Street." Yesterday, […]

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IGoBanking Savings Account Opened

I didn’t waste too much time before getting into action to open another savings account with IGoBanking. I didn’t my own research last week and compared IGoBanking with other three online banks that also offer 5.30 % or above APY and eventually selected IGoBanking over others for two reasons: Soft credit inquiry: though I didn’t […]

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More on UFB, GMAC, AmTrust, and IGoBanking

Recently, I am considering open another online savings account to park our cash. I have been using EmigrantDirect and HSBC for quite a long time and feel that I need to make a move to get a higher rate. My initial targets are UFB Direct and GMAC as they are both popular among rate chasers […]

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How to Set Up an Emergency Fund

Today, Sue Stevens has an article on on how to setup an emergency fund. Generally speaking, emergency fund is the money reserved to cover your daily expenses in case your income stops. An example of such cases is when you lose your job. There are some debates on how much money one should put […]

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A Financial Planner or a Financial Adviser?

Ever felt confused about what’s financial planner and what’s financial adviser? If you plan to seek professional help on your finances (I won’t, at least for now), you better know the difference these two. A short article on today says that a financial planner is an individual who helps you create a road map […]

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Eight Keys to Financial Security

Yesterday, an article on Kiplinger suggested some steps to secure your financial future, though I don’t agree with all the suggestions (especially the “pay cash for everything else”). 1. Invest in yourself Your own earning power is the most valuable asset you’ll ever own, and it can’t be wiped out in a market crash. Keep […]

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