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Government Announces New Tool To Combat Foreclosures – Loans That Don’t Need To Be Paid Back

Many families in America are continuing to fight the battle with foreclosure.  Too many are losing.  In response to the ongoing mortgage crisis, the government has announced a new tool that it hopes will help stem the tide of foreclosure and keep more families in their homes.  A couple of weeks ago, Washington unveiled the […]

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Chase Freedom Visa Card $100 Bonus Promotion and 5% Cash Back

Chase Freedom Card, one of the best rewards credit cards, is also one of my favorite cards to earn cash back for everyday purchases, though now I only use the card to shop in those categories that offers 5% cash back. I used to charge almost everything on the cards, from groceries to gas, but […]

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Beware The Lure Of Zero Percent Financing Deals

We’ve all seen them.  They’re in every Sunday newspaper and across numerous television commercials.  I’m talking about offers for zero percent financing. You can buy everything from appliances to TVs to stereos without paying a dime in interest and usually it requires just opening up a store credit card.  Sounds like a reasonable enough idea […]

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The Fall Of Blockbuster: A Lesson On Keeping Your Business Model Current

About 15 years ago, Blockbuster dominated the video rental market.  At its peak, it operated over 3,000 retail stores both in the United States and abroad.  By 1999, it owned a 30% market share easily outdistancing rivals Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery.  Even though the video rental market was maturing, Blockbuster was the unquestioned king […]

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Look At Total Compensation Instead Of Salary When Evaluating Pay

Let’s face it.  Now is not exactly the best time to be looking for a significant increase in your salary.  Even if you’re a top performer, a lot of companies just aren’t opening up the coffers like they used to.  With the unemployment rate still around 9%, there are a lot of workers out there […]

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Will Closing a Credit Card Improve Credit Score?

There’s no definitive answer to this question because canceling a credit card will affect credit score in more than one way and the impact could be either positive or negative. To see what I meant, let’s first take a look at how a FICO score is determined. Obviously, there’s no way we can know what […]

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What Age Is The Right Age To Retire?

My parents have been retired for a good dozen years or so now.  They’re your typical middle class working couple.  They worked hard for many years.  Always made sure my brother and I had what we needed.  Helped put us both through college as much as they were able.  They’re the textbook definition of a […]

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What Makes A Good Checking Account

I feel like lately I’ve been inundated with checking account offers.  I get them in the mail.  I see them online.  They’re all over the business section of the newspaper.  With banks offering up to a couple hundred bucks to open a new checking account, I can see why these advertisements get the responses they […]

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