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Six Best Money Ideas for the New Year

While we are still mulling the year-end moves, CNNMoney already has some ideas on what we can do for 2007: Best investment idea: Invest in Vanguard Growth Index Fund (VIGRX). Best home-buying idea: Start the bidding at least 15% below the asking price for the house you really want. Best home-selling idea: Price your house […]

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Young & In Debt

In case you didn't notice, USAToday is running a six-week series on Young & In Debt, featuring 20-somethings' financial situation, the way they manage their money, and advices on how to cope with debt. The series started in the week of November 20th and already have a couple of publications. Though I am not in […]

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How to be Successful in Investing — Part V

The last segment of the five-part series of Kiplinger’s “The Five Keys to Investing Success” focuses on portfolio diversification. The reason to diversify is simple: spread the risk over different sectors, different asset classes so that they won’t have the same fate at the same time, i.e., when one sector/asset class performs poorly, other may […]

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Safest Cars: No American Made

Early this month, Consumer Reports released its ratings on vehicle reliabilities and Japanese cars got 39 nods on the list. Today, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety announced its ratings on car safety and foreign cars again take the spotlight aways from American cars as no car from US automakers made the cut. This year, […]

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Get Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Quotes Plus a Hard Credit Pull

Last Tuesday, I got an estimate of auto insurance premium from Ameriprise after receiving an email from them. Since I didn’t give them my social, the quote was only a rough number, plus it was for auto only, not auto and home. Even so, the price was still lover then what I am paying Liberty […]

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Is It Just Me? Or Vanguard? Or Scottrade? Or All?

I really don't know if it's only me or somebody else who ever transfered their IRA assets from Scottrade to Vanguard had the same terrible experience. After my last conversation with Vanguard more than two weeks ago, I thought all the troubles I had with Vanguard were behind me and the last chapter of the […]

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Local Gas Price Watch: First Increase in Months

After staying at $.199/gallon for nearly 3 weeks, the gas prices at my local station saw first increase in months, back to above $2 again. Last Friday, when I passed by the station that I always use to fill up my car, I noticed the price for one gallon regular gas was at $2.03, up […]

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Fidelity 529 College Rewards MasterCard

When MBNA and Bank of America merged their online access last month, my MBNA AAA credit card has been moved to BoA and I can access the credit card using the same login as my BoA bank account. But my Fidelity 529 College Rewards card, which was also issued by MBNA was left out. What […]

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