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For Those Who is the CFO of the Whole Family: Is Your Spouse Financially Prepared?

If you have read Flexo's post "You, Inc.: How to Be the CFO of Your Own Life" at Get Rich Slowly yesterday, you knew what he meant of being the CFO of his own life: managing everything financial himself. Since I started reading posts on in August, I noticed from their posts (monthly expenses […]

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How to be Successful in Investing from Kiplinger — Part IV

Here’s a question: If you are given $10,000, would you rather take it now or a year from now? Of course everybody will choose to put the money in the pocket right away instead of waiting another year and the reasons are simple: 1) If the money will be sitting somewhere other than high yield […]

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A Portable Keyboard?

Yeah, and you can get one for only 10 bucks. But who's gonna carry a keyboard anyway? 

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401(k) Performance: Trader vs Rebalancer

Everybody trades, more or less, and I do too. For me, most of the trades were in brokerage accounts with individual stocks. For mutual fund accounts, there were far more buys than sells. But for 401(k) account, so far there seemed to be only buys, no sells. Actually, the only activities in my 401(k) plan […]

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Auto Insurance: Should I Switch?

Early last month, I updated our car information with Liberty Mutual, our current auto and home insurer. The policy won't expire till the end of next January, and we have been quite happy with their rates and services for the past three years. Therefore, we aren't actively seeking any replacement, though the premiums went up […]

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How Much Company Stocks in 401(k)

My wife has been with her current company for nearly five years and her employer offers a match for the first 6% of her 401(k) contributions. The only catch is the match is given in company stocks in the form a fund. Ever since she joined the company, she maxed out every year and now […]

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BoA Expanding Its Free Trade Program

Bank of America is expanding its $0 trade program to Alabama, DC, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, according to Reuters. Customers who have $25,000 or more in all asset across BoA deposit accounts, including checking, savings, and CDs, can get up to 30 free trades per month. The bank also hopes […]

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How to be Successful in Investing from Kiplinger — Part III

The next key for you to be successful in investing is to have a good judgment between the return you expect and the risk you are willing to take in order to reach your investment goals. In the third segment of the Kiplinger's "The Five Keys to Investing Success" series, the author made the argument […]

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