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Six Ways to Boost Your Savings by Making the Most of New Tax Law

I ususally don’t read very carefully the newsletter Fidelity sends to me as I see it as an advertisement. But an article in today’s E-News got my attention. It’s about how to take advantage of the new tax law passed in August to boost savings. Below is the summary of the article Workplace Roth 401(k) […]

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Study Warns Privacy Risk of No-Swipe Credit Cards

I read an article yesterday on the New York Times website about the potential privacy risk of no-swipe credit cards, those cards that don’t require manually swiping through a machine, therefore, no signature needed. For a customer with a no-swipe card (for example, the Blink card from Chase), all he/she needs to do is waving […]

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IRA Account Transfer to Vanguard Update

Just got off the phone with Vanguard and Scottrade regarding transferring part of my Roth IRA asset from Scottrade to Vanguard and the news wasn’t pretty. I submitted the paper work on September 29th and had expected to whole process to finish in October. According to Vanguard, the transfer can take up to four weeks, […]

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Automatic Saving and Investing Schedule: How We Save Money

Yesterday, an article appeared on Kiplinger offered a list of year-end financial tricks aimed to help us to be more organized and disciplined for our personal finance. Among the suggestions, the one that I like the most is “Put your savings on autopilot,” and we have been doing that for quite a while. Here’s our […]

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10 Year-End Financial Tricks

It’s trick or treat time! An article on Kiplinger’s Personal Finance by Erin Burt offers ten year-end financial tricks that I think are helpful in getting people being disciplined in saving and spending. I especially like the idea of saving automatically and setting a fund for big expenses (auto insurance, vacation, or a high definition […]

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Year-to-Date 401(k) Return

I usually don’t check my 401(k) account until the time to update the net worth and even at that time, I didn’t look at the return because, first, I simply forgot to check and, second, I won’t make any change before the year end, no matter how good or bad the return is. But tonight, […]

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Baby Boomers Face Uncertain Financial Future

A study report released today by National Association of Realtors found that a majority of the 78 million baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, face uncertainties when it comes how to retire. The study was to find what kind of homes baby boomers will buy when they approach retirement. However, it also shows […]

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How to Trim Auto Insurance Bill

A letter from Liberty Mutual came yesterday, asking us for an update on our vehicles, a car and a van, which are both insured with then under comprehensive coverage. It’s the time to renew our auto insurance. I have been with Liberty Mutual for three years and have both auto and home insurance with them. […]

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