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I’m Moving

my blog to its own domain, The Sun’s Financial Diary, hosted by I just set up the website yesterday and there are a lot of stuff to do and learn before it has the functions and features I want. I am relative new to web development, though I know HTML. So, I guess it […]

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Another Buy-And-Sell

Bought another wireless rounter today for $9.98 after $30 MIR. I intended to list it on Amazon (the lowest price on Amazon is $29.95), but could use it as a backup if it stucks in my hands. $9.98 is a good price for a 802.11g router. I have added any new stuff to my inventory […]

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EDU Jumped 39% In First Day Of Trading

Priced at $15, EDU opened at $22 in its first day of trading on Thursday with more 6 million shares traded. The $15 price is above the initial range of $11 – $13. Recent Chinese IPO stocks, such as BIDU and GRRF, traded very well in the first several days after listing. However, the frenzy […]

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Spam Email Dated June 2002

My Yahoo email account indicated that I had a new email, but I just couldn’t find anything new after going through the first 50 emails. Where’s it? Well, I eventually found it, but not until I almost reached the end of my Inbox folder. It was an email dated June 3, 2002. What are they […]

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What’s Your Nest Egg Score?

Following a link in Flexo’s recent post, I arrived at A.G. Edwards’ Nest Egg Score page. I am not how crediable the score is, thought A. G. Edwards claimes that it is “designed to be a comprehensive indicator of how well U.S. households are doing at building personal wealth.” Out of curiosity, I took the […]

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Do You Have A Hot Job?

Beside being a blogger (if that’s what you do to make a living), do you have a hot job? Kiplinger’s Personal Finance today runs a list of hot jobs and the defination of “hot” is the job’s expected growth rate for a ten year period from 2004 to 2014. 1. Network systems and data communications […]

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If Everybody Uses Firefox

and installs the Adblock extension, will Google AdSense make no sense? When Adblock is disabled. When Adblock is enabled. How neat is that!  

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Aetna Dropped Our Hospital

My wife is three-month pregnant and we went to our hospital this afternoon for a scheduled ultrasound screening. We were excited to have a chance to see the baby again, however, the news we got before the procedure almost took the anticipation away: Starting from Sept. 19th, our hospital will no longer be in Aetna’s […]

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