PNC Bank Business Checking Account Finally Up

It has been more than two weeks, but my PNC Bank Business Checking Account is finally up and running. The waiting is much longer than I expected and what happened after the account was opened was more troublesome.

When I opened the account at the branch, I was told to select a PIN so I can use it to bank online (one of the requirements to receive the $75 bonus) once the check card comes. The check card arrived a few days later, but when I tried to enroll online banking, an error popped up saying the PIN is invalid, even though I am 100% sure the PIN is correct. So I called the customer service and was told there’s another PIN, which will be mailed to me, to enroll online banking. Nobody at the branch office ever told me I will have two different PINs, one for the check card and one for online banking.

Then the associate at the local office who opened the account called asking if there’s any question. I complained that she never told me a different PIN is needed to enroll online. She insisted I come to the office again so she can help me “start from scratch”, even after I told her I have to wait for the PIN to come in. However, I was naive to think the branch office can do something to speed up the process, so I went, then left in a couple of minutes because the associate at the office uses the exact screen as I do at home and there’s nothing she can do but sending me away. You can imagine I wasn’t happy when I walked out the office.

But the PIN didn’t come after 10 business days and I had to call again to request a new one, which arrived over the weekend. But since I tried a few times with the wrong PIN before, my account was locked so I called one more time to have it unlocked. While on the phone, I was asked to provide a second verification, the amount of a charge on my account this month. The only problem is I never charged anything on my account, not anything I know about. The call was transferred to a manager and it turned out that the charge was $16.99 check printing fee. Yes, I ordered a box of checks when opening the account at the office, but only after the associates promised she can get the checks, in the simplest form, for me for free (yes, I did ask whether I can get the first set of checks for free because other banks do offer that). I have no problem paying for the checking, but telling me one thing while doing another is different. So more complains and the manager said she will remove the fee for me.

Now, after all these troubles, the account is finally set up, with one more problem: I can’t find how to link the account to another bank account. Under the Fund Transfer tab in my account, I only see the transfer within PNC:

Transfer Funds Eligibility

Transfers within PNC allow you to transfer funds among all your eligible PNC Bank deposit, loan and investment accounts. You can also use the service to make payments to your consumer loan accounts. All of which can be done within seconds, right from your desk. However, our records indicate that you currently do not have two or more eligible PNC Bank accounts from which to transfer funds.

If only PNC Bank accounts are allowed, that’s too bad.

BTW, the branch manager sent me a $5 Texaco gift card for the trouble :) , but there’s no Texaco gast station near here :(

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One Response to “PNC Bank Business Checking Account Finally Up”

  1. Nate @ List of Penny |  Feb 09, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Wow, sounds like a pain in the ass. I hope this isn’t what I’m in for. PNC recently bought National City, the only bank I’ve ever used for checking and where I eventually transfer my savings/money market accounts after the teaser interest rates expire at other banks. Maybe I should start looking for a new bank now, the PNC logo is already creeping into everything I do online…