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It is every parents worst nightmare when kids go “I want this and that” which is sad because even though it is common for kids to do that, it can drain the parents some money if they do not set some rules. However, as parents, you should also think about teaching your kids to also give back to the community.

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For example, you are planning to have your own house but you need to have some money for the down payment. But unfortunately, one or all of your kids saw something and they claim that they need this and that. What do you do? You can give them some options such as getting their own job while making some money on the side. Or suggest that they get into their own business. Because of the internet and connections of people that have their own business, you could try to encourage your kids to get into something that they want to get into and enjoy. And plus, they get paid while also getting some experiences. And these days, some parents encourage their kids to have their own business. Look at the twins who started off on the show of “Full House” where they take turn playing “little Michelle.” And now, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson is one of the famous twins who have many products with their faces on them while making millions or billons of dollars a year.

But at the same time, have your kids clean out what they do not want by donating or selling the stuff. If they chose to sell it, they can keep the money to start their own business or if they do donate, it would go to some worthy causes such as other kids who are unfortunate to not get some simple things such as toys or clothes. I am pretty sure you have teens and younger kids that no longer need them and do not mind parting with them. It may even open their eyes more to see that they are lucky compare to the other kids. And sometimes, the parents and kids take things for granted which is where volunteering some time will help.

Another way is to have them volunteer is if you also do that too. But if you are a parent who is currently active or getting started on volunteering, try to encourage them. And even if it is only for an hour a week, it is better than nothing. Many places need volunteers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so ask where you can get some application. You get to decide how much to work. Family centers and schools are a few places to try. However, before you and/or your kids get started, you have to fill out some background check. And it is free since you are a volunteer.

And as a parent, the more you take the time to spend with your kids by going to the events that they are in, the better that they will become a better person. It is your choice to do it on a weekly or monthly basis. There are parents who don’t take the time to get to know their kids by spending time with them which some of them are teens or kids; and in some cases, some of them will get themselves into trouble such as beating other people up.

I hope this helps for people that are parents themselves. And for the people who do not currently have kids? Try to help if you can. Being a parent can be stressful sometimes and I am sure that if you can help a parent or two, they will thank you.

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