The Savings behind Skipping the Cart

Think you have to brave the busy streets, crowded aisles and push around a heavy cart to snag the “latest and greatest” at the best price? Think again! With a computer, online access and an adventurous spirit, you can have your comfort and your savings, too. Not to mention, you’ll gain time and lengthen the time between costly fill-ups at the gas station.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, convenience isn’t cheap. Shopping online, though, can be if you have some saving strategies up your shopping sleeve. Fortunately, the ways to save are as limitless as the selection is wide. From limited-time offers to online-only specials to free shipping and discount codes, get every penny’s worth and then some while still stashing cash where it counts – your pocket! Fortunately, the sheer volume of competition keeps many online retailers creative when it comes to finding ways to lure in customers and their cash. And, as with any business, online companies are just as interested in retaining ongoing customers as they are in establishing new ones. Here’s just a sampling of the savings opportunities to keep your eyes open for and how to claim them to save your cash:

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Limited-Time offers may be available for only a short period of time, but Senior Sleuths who are willing to jump when the time is right can potentially save a tidy sum of money. Like traditional weekly or daily sales in brick-and-mortar stores, limited-time offers provide special pricing for only a specified amount of time.

Online-only savings are usually offered as a way to entice consumers to access and use a company’s website over their traditional storefront. As one might also expect, it is far cheaper to run an online retail operation than a traditional one. Less employees to pay and less space to maintain, companies can often pass along these savings to you when you shop online.

Free shipping is an obvious no-brainer to offer when trying to convince consumers to make the switch to shopping online. Smart shoppers – and retailers – know that this little savings perk can help tip the shopping scales in favor of one business over another. While there may sometimes be a purchase minimum to take advantage of such savings, it is often advantageous to do so. Just be wary of the trap of making unnecessary purchases. Instead, anticipate your future needs and purchase something early that you’ll need later anyway.

Customer loyalty savings opportunities are a way for online retailers to ensure your ongoing business. They send you a promise of a discount or promotional offer and, in turn, you return to their website to make a purchase rather than visiting a competitor’s site. Because participating in online commerce usually requires an email address, businesses have an immediate (and free) way to contact you with such offers.

Coupon, promotional and discount codes are the online equivalent of a clipped paper coupon. Invest a bit of time in locating such a code, and you’ll be cutting the price you pay and putting money back in your pocket.  While many discount codes can come directly to you via your email inbox, you can also snag coupon codes on your own. The sites below offer ongoing lists that are updated periodically to provide savvy consumers such as yourself with the best discount codes available: couldn’t be easier to use. Visit the site and stores and their associated discount codes are organized alphabetically. If you’d rather not wade through the lengthy list of online shops, do a direct search instead via the handy search form near the top of the page. is a great site for uncovering reliable discount codes because it’s interactive. Simply visit the site and do a search for the online store you’re making a purchase from and within just a few seconds you’ll reap a list of variety of promotional codes, all ranked according to their reliability. Because online shoppers take the time to rate whether or not the various codes worked, you can pick and choose from the codes with the highest ranking. Saving you time and money. is another great site that offers both user-friendly organization without a distracting amount of advertising coupled with great codes to save you money. Conduct your own search by merchant name or browse lists organized alphabetically as well as by category. The choice is yours, but the savings are all the same – big and easy!

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