Where and How to Stash a Stockpile

The reasons behind stockpiling items at home are clear: savings and convenience. Only problem is, finding where in the world to stash it all and how exactly to go about doing it.

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Chances are if you could really benefit from the savings that stockpiling can offer, than storage space is likely an issue. It has been for me. I live in a very modest condo, sans garage and with a kitchen that only houses a total of 6, yes, 6 cabinets. Selling our condo in order to “upgrade” to a home with more space, however, would have only defeated my efforts to save money. Instead, I sought to make the space we already had work the best it could.

In the beginning, I had no shame. Visitors to my home would open up my coat closet only to be greeted by a small set of shelves housing 16 cans of pinto beans and 15 rolls of toilet paper. A trip up to our bedroom and visitors would be hear a low, constant hum emanating from the large freezer standing behind the door. While I still have no shame when it comes to saving money, I have developed and created new ways to stockpile and warehouse stock at home without raising eyebrows.

Storing items became a lot easier when I was able to look past obvious, traditional definitions of space, thinking instead of how I could define them to better meet our needs. The “his and hers” closets in the master bedroom got trimmed down to one closet shared by both “him and her,” leaving the remaining closet free to tuck the freezer inside along with more shelving and a set of drawers for storing extra stockpiled toiletries and paper supplies. Clothing got rearranged and consolidated to create an empty drawer in each family member’s dresser in order to create room for storing necessities purchased in advance and on sale such as socks, underwear and even an extra pair of shoes to for the kids to grow into. While these ideas are specific to our situation and admittedly not applicable to everyone, they illustrate that a willingness to be open to creativity can help you find space and storage solutions where you once thought there were none.

Under-the-bed storage boxes are another great way to stash your purchases out of sight while still keeping them easily accessible. Maximize the space by opting for the boxes that span the entire width of the bed. Many even feature wheels on the bottom, making them even easier to use and store. Want even more vertical space under the bed? Invest in a set of lifts to place under your bed frame or, do what I’ve done, and head out to your local hardware store and purchase 4 inexpensive cinder blocks for this same purpose.

If you must keep your stockpiled purchases out in the open, help them blend in with your décor. The fronts of translucent plastic drawers can be easily be covered with a bit of pretty contact paper. Open shelves can visually be “tucked away” by a panel of pretty fabric hung in front to hide their contents. By far and away the biggest favor you can do for yourself both when it comes to aesthetic appeal as well as ease of use is organization. Keep your stockpiled purchases organized, tidy and contained in whatever way works best for you. Any inconveniences you may at first experience in trying to accommodate the necessary storage space will easily be replaced with the joy of less trips to the store, less money spent and more money left where it belongs – with you!

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