Stay Home to $ave

The easiest way to protect your money is to simply not spend it. If you’re safe and sound at home, then so is your money. Problem is, though, that many of us – myself included – enjoy getting out and about and indulging a bit from time to time. For our family, I’ve found that doing a bit of investing in truly making our home a place we all want to be has paid dividends in the form of priceless enjoyment as well as in actual dollars saved. From building better bedrooms to stashing supplies for guaranteed family fun, there are many ways to transform your house into a home you’ll be proud to call your castle, including one you’ll enjoy staying home in!

Home sweet home

Is your home calling you? If not, there’s room for improvement. From paint color to wall decorations to furniture and knick knacks, fill your home with items that bring you joy and induce tranquility. The world is noisy enough. Invest in making your home a true sanctuary where you can come to quiet the noise and soothe the stress. An easy and completely free way to do this is to commit to cutting the clutter. Think of it as creating visual breathing room, while at the same time instantly gaining more livable space and even more free time as you’ll have less “stuff” to dust and keep clean. An inexpensive coat of paint in a new color can instantly change the mood of the room and you. Afraid of color commitment? “Date” the new color a bit and take it for a trial run courtesy of inexpensive and easily changed accessories such as blankets in a bedroom, throw pillows on a couch in the living room or hand towels hung in a bathroom or the kitchen. (Psst! All of these needn’t take a big bite out of your budget either! Hit the thrift stores for an outing with a purpose and enjoy the thrill of the hunt while scavenging for savings. You’ll be able to do a bit of designing detective work on a dime!)

Spend a little to save a lot when it comes to entertainment. Whether you’re on your own or a raising a family, the allure of getting out of the house for fun is undeniable. Getting out and about, though, can often cost a pretty penny. Instead of spending money on a one-time outing, consider investing it in something that can provide ongoing entertainment. A $10 monthly Blockbuster membership, for example, is far cheaper than a trip to the movies and can be just as much fun, if not more so. (After all, there’s a lot to be said for being able to enjoy a flick when comfy, cozy in your pjs and the convenience of being able to hit the pause button when nature calls can’t be beat, especially if you’ve got little ones!) Other ideas include the good ol’ standbys of tried-and-true board games, game consoles and art and hobby supplies. Take a good, hard look at how you and your family like to spend your free time and how you choose to unwind when you’re heading out the door. Chances are, you’ll be able to gain some invaluable insights into how to make your home a better, more fun place to be.

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