There’s Strength (and Savings) in Numbers

As the saying goes, two (or more heads) are often better than one. And fortunately for us, it’s even more true when it comes to saving money. From great discount opportunities to discovering even more ways to save money, surrounding ourselves with friends, family and even virtual acquaintances can really help our bottom line.


Saving money is both an art and a science. It requires creativity, innovation and an openness to try new things. Additionally, it requires as much effort and attention to detail as any discipline does. Sometimes, though, we can get stuck in our own mindset and all it takes is a new idea from someone else to either enlighten us or to get our own creative juices going again. The more people you have in your inner circle, the more opportunities you have to learn and gain insights. Not to mention, you’ll increase your chances of always being “in the know” about what products are worth the price and which products you and your wallet best stay clear of.

Growing your social grapevine will also increase your chances of scoring great deals. Just as two heads are better than one, so are more pairs of eyes better capable of scoping out savings opportunities. No matter how hard you try, no one person can possibly catch every deal, but the more people you associate with means the better your chances of hearing about more of them. Friends and family who really know you and your family’s needs are often more likely to not only inform you of great deals, but also specifically look with you in mind. I’ll never forget the day my friend picked up 3 boxes of diapers for me when she had seen them sitting on a discount shelf steeply discounted only because the loyalty points had expired. She had tried to call, but I was unavailable. Knowing my baby’s diaper size and the fact that I was always looking out for great deals (especially on diapers), she went ahead and purchased all of them on my behalf. Not only was I sincerely touched that she had thought of me, but my bottom line for the next two month’s thanked her, too!

Group discounts are another easy way you can save in numbers. Everything from theater tickets to museum admission to concerts can usually be had for much better price if you’re willing and able to purchase them in bulk. Don’t forget, too, that even perishable food can be steeply discounted when purchased in a greater quantities. Granted, you may not be able to use it all up before it spoils yourself, but invite a few friends of family to join in on the savings and you’ll all gain fresh produce—even during the off-season at club warehouse stores—for an absolute song.

And last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the infamous “hand-me-down” clothing. If you’ve got kiddos, then you’ve likely got a revolving door of clothing as they grow, and often faster than they can really wear the clothing out. Make sure to include other families with children in your social circle and you can all benefit from passing clothing around to one another. Somehow, too, wearing “new” clothes that didn’t come from a sibling can make swallowing the “encore” clothes easier!

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