WaMu Online Savings Account Now 4.00% APY

Washington Mutual keeps their effort to lure new account, increasing their online savings account rate to 4.00% APY (as of now, their website hasn’t been updated yet). The latest rate change puts WaMu at the top of the interest rate table. To get the 4.00% APY, you need to open a WaMu Free Checking Account together with the savings account or linking to an existing Checking Account. Having both the savings and checking account can also eliminate the monthly service fee. More on the savings account can be found in my previous post.

Seriously, the 4.00% APY is hard to resist. Though WaMu’s stock has been hit pretty bad recently, the bank is a member of FDIC (you can use FDIC’s Find Bank to get WaMu’s FDIC certificate number), so I am really worried about the safety of the money (under the limit of course). I have mentioned a few times that I am considering a savings account with a better rate and my previous target was DollarSavingsDirect, whose rate is 3.75% APY. Now I need to think again what I want exactly.

Update: This offer has expired. WuMu Online Savings Account rate is now 2.25% APY. Check out the latest online savings and checking account interest rates.

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