Weekend Linkage – September 7, 2008

Site Problem

I moved this site from Bluehost to Media Temple in early August, the site has been running very well. Those problems that I had with Bluehost never occurred again and the site didn’t have a single minute of down time. I am glad that I made the move. However, some issues at Media Temple caused the site to load very slowly since last Wednesday night and to isolate the problem, I had to bring the site down completely Friday night and most of the time Saturday. It was a relief when the finally came back again last night, but the process of dealing with MT to get the problem resolved wasn’t a pleasant one. I just hope the issue won’t come up again.

Weekend Readings

The Common Thread in Your Bad Jobs is YOU Steve talks about how we should change ourselves instead of complaining again and again the job we have isn’t for us.

Water Fun Activities To Cool You Off This Summer It’s probably too late to “cool off” in NJ, but SVB has some fun ideas.

It’s No Secret, Women Shoppers Get a Bad Rap Jason compares how men and women shop and what they buy.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home by 5% to 11% With Little Effort and Little Money Jeremy has some easy tips to boost your home value when the market is going, well, down.

How to Track Your Roth IRA Contributions… and Why You Need To! Madison tells the importance of tracking your IRA investments and how to get it done.

A Peek into a Millionaire’s Account Structure Frugal Trader shows how and where a millionaire put his money.

Easy and Cheap Home Remodels Lazy Man knows how to fix things in your house without breaking your wallet.

Joint Checking Accounts for Married Couples: The Great Debate Over Joint vs. Separate Bank Accounts Ben join the debate with his method of making the joint account works for couples.

Compound Interest – Personal Finance Fundamentals Jordan explains how compound interest works and the role it plays in personal finance.

Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plan: BiSaver vs. Do It Yourself Jonathan says you don’t need anybody’s help to pay your mortgage bill every two weeks.

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