What’s in My Wallet?

Today, The Money Writers open up their wallet to show what they have in their wallet. Before taking you to see theirs, let me show you what’s in mine first.

What's in my wallet?

First, credit cards. I am a credit card person,  so naturally, credit cards make up a big part of the contents in my wallet. Even though I own more than a dozen open credit cards, I only carry four with me and use only two out of the four most of the time.

Fidelity 529 College Rewards Card: This is our go-to card for everyday purchases because of its 2% cash back, which is quite generous in today’s standard. Unlike other rewards credit cards I own, this Fidelity’s rewards program has no category or time limit, so I can earn 2% rebate on everything at everywhere. Cash back earned is automatically invested in our daughter’s 529 plan at Fidelity.

Costco AMEX TrueEarnings Card: In addition to using the AMEX TrueEarnings Card at Costco, where we shop very often, we also use it at gas stations and restaurants to get 3% rebate at these locations. Among all the credit cards I own, 3% is the highest rebate I can get now.

Chase Freedom Visa Signature Card: The Freedom card used to be one of my favorites, when I could earn 3% rewards at gas stations and grocery stores and redeem a $250 check with $200 rewards. After the Freedom card replaced the old rewards program with the Ultimate Rewards that rotate cash back categories every quarter, I gave up this card entirely and only carry it as a back up.

Citi PremierPass MasterCard Elite Level: This is supposed to be my travel rewards card, however since I don’t travel that much, the card was rarely used. I have owned a few travel cards in the past, but this is the only one I keep because I like its benefits. Again I carry this card only as a backup.

Relying heavily on credit cards also mean that I don’t need to carry lot of cash and even if I do, they could stay in there for a long, long time because I try to minimize the use of cash. The same for debit cards. I have a few debit cards in my wallet but I never used any of them except withdrawing cash from my bank’s ATMs. Actually, that’s the only time when I use a debit or check card.

  • Bank of America Check Card: Many people don’t like big banks like BofA, but we have our primary checking account with it for many years. Even though we pay all our bills through this account, we only use the check card to withdraw cash occasionally, from a BofA ATM only.
  • PNC Bank Business Check Card: I opened a business checking account with PNC Bank early last year and the check card has been in my wallet since. The reason I am carrying it is 1) to make deposit a check into my business account easier and 2) in case I need cash but can’t find a BofA ATM. I made a few deposits with the card, but never used it to get cash.
  • Ally Bank Debit Card: When Ally Bank started to offer no-fee interest checking account I got one myself because the account reimburse ATM fees charge by other banks. I have meant to try this feature since I got the card, but never really had the need.

Of course, credit and debit cards are not the only stuff I carry with me everyday. As I am writing this post, I also have in my wallet:

  • Virginia Driver’s License and an address change card;
  • Five business cards;
  • Ameriprise auto insurance roadside assistance card;
  • Anthem health insurance card, prescription drug car, and EyeMed vision care card;
  • Metro SmarTrip card;
  • Wegman, A.C. Moore, Giant, Harris Teeter, Sears, Izod, and Staples shop rewards cards;
  • One library card;
  • $44 cash;
  • Four BofA deposit receipts;George Costanza wallet
  • Three Costco receipts;
  • Two JCPenny receipts;
  • Two Home Depot receipts;
  • One Sears receipt
  • One Macy’s receipt and a cash card;
  • One IKEA receipt and an empty cash card;
  • One Virginia car safety annual inspection receipt;
  • One doctor’s appointment note and one copay receipt;
  • One Post-It note with a friend’s home address on it;

Actually, I am glad I did this post because otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have removed all these garbage from my wallet :)

Other members of The Money Writers group also share with readers what they have in their wallet/purse. Aren’t you curious to see what they carry? I know I am.

Now, what’s in your wallet?

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2 Responses to “What’s in My Wallet?”

  1. Briana @ GBR |  Oct 27, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    So I too hate carrying cash around, and therefore use plastic all the time. I see you use your credit cards more than your debit cards. 1) Does it boost your credit score? 2) Does it make it “easier” to pay your bills?

  2. Tim |  Oct 29, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    man, that’s a whole lot of crap in the wallet. i hate lugging around a large wallet and don’t see the need. I carry 1 credit card, 1 debit card, 5 business cards, driver’s license, work id, 2 photos of my worse half, and normally around $60 in cash.

    i will adjust content according to the situation–that is, metro card when i’m going to take the metro, a second credit card if i’m going shopping and it has different rewards, etc. i remove the situation dependent items when i get home though. receipts are normally carried in my pocket and then put in my bin for shredding.