Women and Money

I recently started thinking about money and women after I read a book written by Barbara Stanny. She is an author to a few books such as “The Secret of Six Figure Women” and “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming.” There were a few women that laugh after I told them the second book title because well, it was funny. Unfortunately, most women have that “ideal prince charming who will rescue them.” Barbara was a guest speaker on Debbie Whitlock’s radio show to advocate women to take care of their own finance instead of relying “on your prince” to rescue you. And if you think about it, it’s empowering to meet other women who are also successful whether they work at home or not.

Woman and money

I did connect with one woman off of a site called “Biznik” where she recently called my cell phone and we had been doing the Facebook tag of back and forth in order to communicate. The story with her is that she had been an entrepreneur for over 13 years and had four kids herself. I don’t know about you but I say that is an accomplishment even for a woman to be her own boss and to take care of her family. I am hoping that I would get to meet her on the 22nd of June because we plan to since it would be a free workshop which would be about copywriting. And another thing is that I would get to network with other people as well so that is a great way to spread the word on what I do. However, I will point out that the ones who succeed at making lots of money do get some support instead of doing everything themselves such as housework, the kids and the business. And since support is very important in order to succeed, I will admit that I totally agree with that statement.

What really irks me is that there are woman who makes any kind of excuses to not make money. For example, they lack knowledge about finance. I started out that way too and in time from reading and hearing about money, the more I know about it. I love books because I can learn about whatever I want and in most cases, I am attracted on the topics of money and in the areas of nutrition and fitness. What started off with my financial literary was with Robert Kiyosaki’s book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” If any of you out there have no idea what that book is about, you are missing out. In fact, Barbara Stanny recommend this along with other books. And he is a well known author as well as a successful businessman.

I also get my hands on reading about successful people such as from a magazine called “Success” which there is the online site as well. You won’t regret it because all of these people in the magazine would motivate you to do something with your life. And there is nothing wrong about aiming high of what you want in life because we were meant to do great things in life that would help ourselves and the community.

You may be wondering why I am writing about this topic. I wrote it just to stress it out: be smart about your finances. You never know what life may throw at you until it hits you. And if you don’t wise up about it, there are some consequences that could affect you financially. The point about this article is to get smart about finance and to network with people. Maybe one of these days, you may end up being on the cover of “Success” magazine like many others.

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