Wrap Up the Savings with After-Holiday Sales

Just when you’re probably ready to pack away the holiday stuff until next year, you begin to see it all on sale at stores everywhere. Resist the urge to look away and instead dive in for great savings opportunity for both next year’s holiday season as well as throughout the year. Here’s a brief list of what to snatch up for a song and why:

After closing time on Christmas Eve stores get ready for Boxing Day sale

Look for solid colored gift wrap, ribbon and tissue paper that can be used throughout the year and for multiple occasions. If space allows, it also makes good sense to stock up on holiday wrap now, too. (If storage space is an issue, consider storing rolls of wrapping paper standing up along the very back of a closet. Keep it all tucked away against the wall by using a bungee cord held tightly in place with a removable adhesive hook on either side. Ribbons and bows can be tucked and stored inside the rolls of wrapping themselves.)

Before you pack away your own holiday stash, be sure to pick up any new supplies you might need-available now at a deep discount-and tuck it away for next year. Holiday cards, replacement lights, decorative candles and the like all store easily and can be a real gift you give to yourself. Just imagine how wonderful it will be when, in 10 months time, you open up all of your holiday storage boxes only to find everything you need right there, ready to go and purchased for mere pennies on the dollar.

Spring may be the obvious time to tidy and reorganize your home, but shortly following the holidays you’ll soon find a multitude of storage containers, large and small, on sale and on clearance everywhere. Looking to capitalize on those with “better organization” at the top of their New Year’s resolution list, retailers stock their shelves with a wide variety of organizational supplies, tools and containers. Great sale prices soon give way to even better clearance markdowns.

While your wee one is likely still knee-deep in new toys, ironically, now’s one of the best times to start shopping for toy gift ideas. Packed store shelves stocked by overzealous retailers must now be cleared of excess toys that simply didn’t sell. Help these retailers out while helping your own budget at the same time and pick up a few future gifts for a fraction of the price.

Savings opportunities don’t end with toys, either. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all those well-meant gifts that no one really wanted in the first place, just take a walk through the stores shortly after the New Year. You’ll find end caps, racks and bins of literally countless items previously purchased and given as gifts that now are now clearance items marked down to a fraction of the original price. From designer perfumes to cozy sweaters to even appliances, if you can find a place to stash your purchases, buying gifts after the holidays can be a great way to save a bundle of money later on. Not to mention, doing so means you’ll be able to sit and relax during the next holiday season rather than hitting the crowded pavement to fighting the holiday crowds.

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