Poll: Do You Have a Will?

Yesterday Flexo at Consumerism Commentary posted an article on what financial documents are necessary for young families. Top the must-have list is will. This isn’t the first time I saw recommendation of having a will as part of estate planning and there is little doubt on why everybody should have one. However, we never really seriously think about it. One of the main reasons is that we think we are still young and healthy, so it isn’t time for us to prepare for the worst. And our assets aren’t at the level that could trigger a dispute. I know a will isn’t really for me and has little to do with whether I am healthy or not, but rather for my family that I leave behind should anything unexpected happen to me. But I’m just not ready to open the topic yet and none of my friends has a will as far as I know.

I am wondering how many in their 30s have a will. For the purpose of having an idea on how popular it is among young people, I create this Do You Have A Will? poll for three different age groups (2os, 30s, and 40s). For people age 50 and above, they are likely to have one than not, so that age group is not included.


Cast your ballot here and see what other think about a will.

(If you have problem voting from the post, please vote from the sidebar.)

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2 Responses to “Poll: Do You Have a Will?”

  1. The Sun |  Apr 14, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    Yeah, looks like there’s a problem voting from the post. Did you try the side bar one? That one seems working fine. I am trying to find out what exactly the problem is.

  2. Tomaste |  Apr 14, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    Tried to do your poll In IE and Firefox, and it says “Please choose a valid poll answer.” I’m trying to choose 30s No