Know When to Buy What

There fortunately are a seemingly endless supply of ways to save money, but one of the easiest ways is simply knowing when to buy and when not to buy. So, if you’re wondering when is the best time to fork over your cash for the best possible deal, use the guidelines below to help guide you to the best possible time for savings.


The first three months of the year (January, February and March) are generally a great time to purchase sports equipment. From sales seeking to capitalize on the fitness oriented New Year’s resolutions to the later clearance markdowns on fitness equipment that didn’t get sold but that must now be cleared out, if you’re in the market to make such a purchase, timing it to this time of the year can not only leave you physically sound, but fiscally sound to boot!

April, May and June are traditionally a great time to purchase cookware, kitchen tools and small appliances. With Spring cleaning on the mind and prime-wedding season around the corner, sales on such purchases abound during these three months in particular.

Late July and all of August are an ideal time to stock up on school or office supplies, including laptops, home computers and accompanying peripherals such as printers scanners and the like. In an effort to capitalize on the cash parents willing to shell out in an effort to best prepare their kiddos for return to the classroom in the Fall, the sales and unbelievable deals available can be taken advantage by everyone with a shrewd eye for a deal and a desire to save money.

While admittedly counterproductive to your wardrobe’s ways, September is (financially speaking) an ideal time to stock up on summer clothing and accessories. If you want to save big on otherwise great products, pick them up now and tuck them away for next year’s warm summer months.

With the warm days of summer a distance memory and the cold winter months looming in the days ahead, many store garden centers and nurseries are looking to turn over stock during the month of October. So if you’re in the market to purchase landscaping supplies, trees and shrubs and you’d like to save money while doing it, consider opening your wallet around this time.

November and December may very well be in the heart of the gift-giving season and may seem an unlikely time for any great deal outside of maybe a turkey and the trimmings, but that’s simply not the case. Wedding dresses, for example, can often be snagged for a song during November and champagne can be snatched up for a steal during December. Likewise, both months provide a plethora of great opportunities to stock your freezer full of items that do well in deep-freeze, long-term storage such as flour, butter and even egg substitute. (Yes, they can all be easily and safely stored in the freezer and later thawed with great results in the fridge for future use.)

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    Budget.. always bear in mind to budget.


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    Thank you Shannon for this well structured saving tips. Very useful especially now!