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Best Buy Offers $50 Gift Card for Your HD DVD Player

Did you buy any HD DVD player from Best Buy before February 23, 2008? If you did, then you can get a $50 Best Buy complementary gift card from Best Buy for each HD DVD player you purchase. Since Blue Ray has won the battle between HD DVD to the standard format for high-definition DVD, […]

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UPromise & ShareBuilder $25 Bonus and Holiday Promotions

Received a message from UPromise today that they are currently running a promotion program which will give new members who join the program before the end $25 bonus after making an online purchase through their online shopping center. I have been using UPromise and the UPromise credit card from Citi since 2004 and have earned […]

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The Art of Retail Pricing

I found this article, 7 Retail Pricing Secrets Revealed, on While not all the secrets are new, the article is interesting to read. For example, it’s the first time I know that a product’s list price, which is displayed side-by-side with the sale price at some stores, is actually the highest price suggested by […]

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$10 Staples Coupon. Can You Use It?

I received this coupon in the email yesterday. It’s a $10 discount for a purchase of $100 or more, for either shopping online or in-store. The coupon will expire on April 6, 2007. If there’s anyone can use the discount, please leave a comment with a valid email address so I can send the coupon […]

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A Small Slim Check from Ebates, But still Good

The last big fat check (that’s what they call it) I received from Ebates was August 2006 in an amount of $44.98 after I used their ShareBuilder incentives ($20 for each account opened) to open two ShareBuilder accounts and got $40 cashbacks (now you can only use the cashback once). Another check of $8.68 was […]

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Teach Your Kids to Save Money with an Electronic Money Jar

This may be a great tool to teach your kids to save money and watch their savings grow. Kohl’s now has YOUniverse Electronic Money Jar on sale for $3.99 [Expired]. From the product description: This money jar will keep track of whatever dough you can save. Featuring an electronic design that counts the money for […]

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Consumer Reports Recall Own Article

Early this month, Consumer Reports issued safety alert on infant car seats in its February issue of the Consumer Reports Magazine. The article claims that 2 out of 12 infant car seats passed the high-speed front and side crash tests. Today, Consumer Reports, which usually advice consumers on product recalls, is recalling its own article. […]

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Infant Car Seats Safety Ratings: The More Expensive, the Less Safe

Consumer Reports yesterday issued safety alert on infant car seats and released its latest rating on them (part of the rating can be found at their website for free). When I looked at the rating, my first reaction is that contrary to what we usually believe that we get higher quality (in this case, safety) […]

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