UPromise & ShareBuilder $25 Bonus and Holiday Promotions

upromise $25 bonus Received a message from UPromise today that they are currently running a promotion program which will give new members who join the program before the end $25 bonus after making an online purchase through their online shopping center.

I have been using UPromise and the UPromise credit card from Citi since 2004 and have earned about $500 rebate. Not an very exciting number in nearly 3 years, but since the money is invested in my daughter’s 529 plan, we can make good use of it when it’s needed. Actually, rebates earned through the UPromise program can also be used to pay student loan. To open an account and get the bonus, use this link.

ShareBuilder also offers $25 bonus for opening a custodial account before January 15, 2008.

Simply create an Automatic Investment Plan by January 15, 2008 and use it to invest at least $25 for three consecutive months. Just use the promotion code STOCKGIFT07 when you open the account.

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, there are lots of promotions these days to help save money when shopping. Early this week, Paypal started a 20% off campaign at selected merchants when using Paypal to check out. However, shortly after the promotion started, several merchants, including NewEgg, ToysRUs, and Dell, were removed from the list. There are still some left (Barnes & Noble, eBags, eToys, etc) if you can use them.

At the same time, Google is competing with Paypal with its own CheckOut service with a much wider selection of merchants with savings in the 10% range. In addition, Google also offer Frequent Flyer Miles for using their CheckOut till December 31, 2007. For every dollar spent, shoppers can earn two miles with a maximum of 10,000 throughout the promotional period.


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