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I have been a Seattle resident for as long as I can remember since I was born and raised here for most of my life. When it comes to clothes, I love to go clothes shopping but because books are usually cheaper, I get more books than clothes. However, I do love clothes and I try to save as much money as I can. Despite that most of the places tend to be expensive, there are some  that I can recommend where you can get clothes pretty cheap and save some money at the same time.


The first one is Rave. It is inside the Northgate mall in the north Seattle area and the prices tend to be affordable for almost everyone because they usually have some stuff on sale. For example, I was there on June 12 and oh my gosh. The cheapest one was for $2 something each and it was these cute tops that they were selling because they are on sale. They got to make more room for the newest merchandise so they sell them pretty cheap. Unfortunately for guys, the clothes are only for girls.

Another store I recommend for women is Wet Seal and once again, is at Northgate Mall. The clothes there tend to be fashionable and tend to be very affordable as well. I once bought some clothes there which my hon was nice enough to help me with because he figured that I deserve it. Besides, I was just a stay at home mom and took care of the kids. It is a clothing store for women as well which might disappoint some guys.

Maybe some of you may scoff at the next suggestion of stores but you should also check out Value Village and maybe Goodwill. I will admit that I haven’t shop at Goodwill for like who knows how long but there are some great clothes that I bought a couple of times at Value Village which was the one located in Crown Hill area. Do not be fool that since the prices are so cheap, none of the clothes there are worth getting but some people do get some great clothes from that store since some are still in style and some are timeless which can save you even more money down the road.

I also like Ross, T.J Maxx and Marshall’s but to tell you the truth, T.J and Marshall’s are some of the other stores that I like because they also have items at great prices. Once in a while, I would get books from Marshall’s which is within walking distance from me. And instead of paying retail prices, I was able to save lots of money while I have fun going shopping. Sometimes, I have my kids with me which can be a juggling act there. The most I ever saw was always under $10 each for books. But when it comes to clothes, they always have some on sale.

Alderwood and Southcenter malls are a couple of other malls to consider because they also tend to have stores that have items on sale. Alderwood mall is in the Lynnwood area while Southcenter mall is in the Tukwila area while Northgate is stuck in the middle because it’s in the north Seattle area. And both of them are bigger than Northgate mall.

When you have the chance, check out these stores while here in Seattle because I am proof that not every thing in Seattle is expensive. I hope that I was able to help you out before any of you come to Seattle on where to shop.

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3 Responses to “Shop and Save Money in Seattle”

  1. David Love |  Jun 18, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I’m all for saving money, but one should also consider why you are getting a cheap price. If you are shopping at Goodwill it’s fairly obvious. However if the price seems too good to be true it probably is. The person that made it probably got paid peanuts in some country across the world.

    • Laurie Tam |  Jun 19, 2010 at 1:58 am

      Hey David.
      I was the one that wrote the article. You may think that all thrift stores are pretty bad to buy some items but sometimes, there are items worth buying despite how much it is.
      Even rich people tend to be frugal since they use the money that they save more towards investing to make more money. However, I haven’t been shopping at Goodwill and I don’t shop at thrift stores often. And like all places to buy stuff from, always check the product before you make it to the cash register. You do not want to go back to the store to either exchange the product or get your money back.

  2. youngandthrifty |  Jun 19, 2010 at 11:40 am

    I’ve been to rave before =) I find that the clothes there aren’t the best quality.

    I’m a big fan of Seattle Premier Outlets (I think they have the same chain in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Oregeon to name a few).

    You can find fantastic deals on name brand clothes, much better than paying retail here in Canada (I”m from Vancouver) where it costs 30% more for the same thing thanks to customs and immigration taxation.