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Should You Splurge or Go Frugal on a Laptop?

Whenever it comes time to buy a laptop, I always have to do a little pre-buying decision dance in my head.  How much do I want to spend?  Do I really need to spend that much? Or can I get away with some lesser specs and spend half of that amount? Buying a computer definitely […]

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Crop PDF Files for Amazon Kindle

It has been one month since I got my Amazon Kindle reader and I really like the little device. Now I find myself read more and more on Kindle than on my laptop. The main reason I bought the Kindle is to use it for some PDF documents which until a month ago I can […]

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How I Grabbed a Video From Good Morning America and Used It in My Post

Yesterday, when I was writing the post on shopping and credit score, I thought it would be nice to include the actual video in the entry so people who missed the program on TV can watch it while reading the post. The problem is on Good Morning America, there’s no code to link to the […]

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Using Old Extensions (Add-ons) in Firefox 3

Did you download Firefox 3 already? Yesterday, the Download Day, was a big day for Firefox as it released its latest version 3.0. When the Download Day was first announced last month, I pledged to download the free browser within 24 hours after it’s release to help set a Guinness record. I have been using […]

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My Little Christmas Gift

I usually don’t get Christmas gift. Not that I don’t want one, but nobody gives me, including my wife. We give each other gifts at anniversary as well as on birthdays, but not Christmas. This year, however, I did get a little Christmas gift, a Pocket Loox N100 portable GPS navigator. But it wasn’t from […]

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Fraudulent Email in the Name of Bank of America

There’s an email in my Inbox this morning. The “From” field says “Bank of America” and the subject of the message reads “Account Suspension Case #00302353213″ and the body of the message seems legitimate The first sign that this may be a fraudulent email I noticed is the mail says there was an unsuccessful access […]

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10 Best Firefox Extensions from CNet and My Own Favorites

Over at CNet, they have a list of 10 best extensions for Firefox 2.0. Actually, some of the bests are very popular addons. So if Firefox is your default browser, chances are you are using some, if not all, the extensions already. If not, then you should download the lastest Firefox 2.0 (yes, it’s 2.0!) […]

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A Portable Keyboard?

Yeah, and you can get one for only 10 bucks. But who's gonna carry a keyboard anyway? 

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