10 Best Firefox Extensions from CNet and My Own Favorites

Over at CNet, they have a list of 10 best extensions for Firefox 2.0. Actually, some of the bests are very popular addons. So if Firefox is your default browser, chances are you are using some, if not all, the extensions already. If not, then you should download the lastest Firefox 2.0 (yes, it’s 2.0!) and starting using them.

  1. FoxyTune
  2. Tab mix plus
  3. MR tech local install
  4. Download statusbar
  5. ForecastFox (I use ForecastFox enhanced)
  6. All-in-one sidebar
  7. IE tab
  8. Firefox showcase
  9. StumbleUpon
  10. Ook? Video Ook!

10 of my favorites that didn’t not make to their best list are

  1. Adblock and Adblock Filterset.G Updater: make you have no AdSense ads to click even if you want to. I wonder if everybody uses Firefox with this extension, how can bloggers make money from AdSense?
  2. Auto copy: so you don’t have to Ctrl+C anymore
  3. del.icio.us: how could they miss this piece?
  4. Performancing: for blogging of course and you can make money with them as well
  5. Inline Google Definitions: if you want to translate English into other languages
  6. FlashGot: of course you have to have FlashGet
  7. Gmail space: turn your 2GB Gmail box into an online storage
  8. Gmail manager: switching between multiple Gmail accounts is a snap
  9. Minimize to tray: so you can leave the space at the bottom of your screen to other applications that don’t have this ability
  10. Crash recovery: restore all your tabs after restart

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