How I Grabbed a Video From Good Morning America and Used It in My Post

Yesterday, when I was writing the post on shopping and credit score, I thought it would be nice to include the actual video in the entry so people who missed the program on TV can watch it while reading the post. The problem is on Good Morning America, there’s no code to link to the video and embed it in my story. I also searched YouTube, but didn’t find the video. It seems that the only solution is to grab the video from GMA myself and post it. But how? There’s no URL to where the video file is actually stored on GMA. If I can find the address of the video, then I am sure I can download it and use it. So now the problem becomes how to find the URL of the video that is hidden.

As I was searching for solutions, I noticed that there are quite a few commercially available software can get the job done. But I don’t want to pay for something that I may use only once in a while. I want to use free tools.

After some Googling, I found all the tools I need to download and convert the video and they are all free. If you are interested in doing this yourself (not videos on GMA of course), you can follow these simple steps to download any videos whose URLs are hidden, as long as the videos are downloadable :)

Step 1: Download and install a software called URL Snooper, the software that lets you locate URLs of video and audio files so you can download them. After the URL Snooper is downloaded and installed, run the program. Then go to GMA and click the video that you want to watch and download. In this case, it’s the Watch Where You Shop from yesterday (actually it’s the day before yesterday).

Good Morning America

Step 2: As the video Watch Where You Shop is playing on GMA website, URL Snooper successfully detects the URL of that video (the last one in the following picture). That’s all you need to download the video.

URL Snooper catches URLs of streaming video

Step 3: Now that you have the URL of the video you want to download, the next job is to get a downloader, if you don’t already have one, to download the video. The downloader I am using is Orbit, which is also free. Once your downloader is ready, whatever it is, highlight the last URL in URL Snooper (the one for the GMA video), right click your mouse and Copy Selected URL(s) to Clipboard.

Copy URL from URL Snooper

Step 4: Now paste the URL to Orbit by clicking New and the URL will be automatically added. Click OK and the downloading starts.

Paste URL to Orbit Downloader

Step 5: The download won’t take much long (depending on the size of the video of course) and when it’s done, you will have the video in flash video format with FLV as the file extension. You can play the video with a FLV player (I am using IrfanView). If you want to convert the video to a more common format, such AVI, you can use another free tool called FLV to AVI Converter.

FLV to AVI converter converts video

Add the video file you just downloaded to the converter then click CONVERT. The conversion will start and it won’t too much time to complete.

FLV to AVI converter screen

Now that you have the video in AVI format, you can upload the video to YouTube and share it, just as I did :)

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  1. Writer's Coin |  Jan 30, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Nicely done! I was looking for this for a post this morning, couldn’t figure it out, so I just tweeted about the story (bank advertisements)